Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is not a love song (to tag-teaming interviews for TeaParty Boston)

I've been slammed with work lately, so I haven't been able to take on many side projects, but recently I had the opportunity to interview Nouvelle Vague with my partner in crime, Jessie Rogers, for TeaPartyBoston, and I couldn't turn that down.

Until this year I had always done interviews solo, but earlier this summer, Jessie and I sat down with Shore Gregory of Island Creek Oysters and ended up having an informative conversation that lasted for two hours and the better part of a bottle of a wine, and we discovered that she and I make a great tag-team. We share a sense of humor, but our respective senses of curiosity lead us to different questions, and interviewing someone as a team lets us each rest our brains and really listen to the person sitting across from us, versus scrambling to take notes and thinking quickly ahead to the next followup question. The result (we hope) can a much richer, more well-rounded piece that speaks to a broader range of readers.

Me and Jessie at Thunderdome NYE 2009 
(with our other partner in crime, Michael Young, who sometimes shoots for TPB)

In this case, we sat in for a sound check at the Somerville Theatre with the band, then went backstage to sit down with Marc Collin, the charming French frontman of Nouvelle Vague.

Note: for those who aren't familiar, Nouvelle Vague are famed for their breezy bossa nova covers of badass punk and New Wave songs and are currently touring with a bluegrassy third album, featuring stripped-down tracks like the Police's "So Lonely".

I wrote the resulting recap, so it carries only my byline, but Jessie's input during the interview helped make it happen. (She also shot all the photos.)

The reverse is true for Jessie's recent piece on Southern Belle, although in that interview I mostly listened, as frontman Isom Innis has a fascinating story and a charming way of telling it. (I also highly recommend watching the "Conditional Love" video he filmed for TeaPartyBoston on top of a building on Newbury Street -- fans of La Blogotheque's Takeaway Shows will appreciate the format.)

Southern Belle - Conditional Love from TeaParty Boston on Vimeo.