Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WERS named Boston's Best College Radio Station by Improper Bostonian Magazine

I got excited when I heard about this because I thought that we had been named best radio station in Boston overall. After all, as the article points out, WERS has built a larger audience than commercial radio stations like WFNX, and the share drawn by our "little-station-that-could compare[s] favorably with public radio behemoth WGBH..." But WERS has held a top spot among college radio stations for some time now, so this was not making the daring statement I thought it was. And after perusing the Improper Bostonian's other "bests," which also include already well-known and beloved spots such as my own Rod Dee thai takeout, the popular Franklin Cafe and Brookline's Pomodoro, I've concluded that they're on a mission to recognize obvious landmarks rather than provide a guide to spots off beaten path.

But either way, it's still fun to get prizes.


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