Thursday, August 10, 2006

Milo's Syndicate: a hardcore band of pretty nice guys

I was a little hesitant about covering a hardcore band for our Radiobeat show, but within minutes these musicians put me at ease. Sure, they spent a lot of time screaming, but when they were done they were surprisingly laid back. I felt more like we were standing around at a barbeque talking than sitting inside a glassy studio. And I was impressed with their musical ability; in the producer's studio, we can isolate the sound of each instrument, so if a guitar player's actually bad and hiding under the noise of his band, little do they know--we know their secret. But when it came to recording Milo's, every person was pulling his weight. They're a band to keep your eye on if you're into the hardcore Boston scene.

From the July 9 article:

While hardcore music is often cacophonous on the surface, it is easy to tell that the musicians of the Boston-based Milo 's Syndicate are all talented musicians in ways that transcend the genre. But after the shouting has been etched into the audio-tapes, and the aggressive guitars locked in their cases, the members of Milo 's Syndicate wonder about why and how they came to make this kind of music.

They muse that they are an unlikely bunch. Guitarist Kevin, 32, likes to garden and lately, he says pointedly, he prefers the company of his 9 month year old daughter to his playfully bickering band mates. Bassist Jeff Childers, 25, began his career in Colorado as a classically trained upright bass player. Aaron, the band's 27-year-old lead singer, sneaks off to play sessions with a jazz musician a few times a month, an act his band considers akin to cheating on your girlfriend.
Drummer Billy Kunkle, 26, at least is a vegetarian, (“we wouldn't be a real punk rock band without a vegetarian,” they quip) but the rest of them enjoy a beer and a steak now and then. Although, as Jeff admits, “We did go out for sushi yesterday … it was about the most non-hardcore thing ever.”

Read on for the full article on this strangely cerebral hardcore band...


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