Friday, January 04, 2008

I've got all my stars aligned - and my first piece in the Weekly Dig

I'm excited.

I was excited when I got my first byline in the Globe, but this may be just as fun.

I have a little blurb in the Dig. (I love the Dig.)

It's about St. Vincent, one of my favorite new performers on the indie scene. I saw her at the Middle East upstairs last year. She moves like a female David Byrne - like a marionette with her strings tangled in a ceiling fan. Her voice is at turns angelic and hard, and her stage presence is very gracious. I'm very happy that she and I were able to make it into the very last issue of '07 together.

I had originally pitched a piece on Feist's "The Reminder", but was turned town. Perhaps my editor has heard one too many phone commercials? Anyhow, it's a great album.

So I did this writeup instead. I couldn't fit "marionette with her strings tangled in a ceiling fan" in my 50 word piece, but that may be for the best.

To read the full "Best of 07" list in all of its indie-snob glory, click here.

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