Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekly Dig: Sweat Dreams

This was a story that Christine and I did earlier this year on intense, unusual workouts around Boston. It came after I laid out a conditioning plan for myself that involved me trying almost every "free" or discount trial in the city, from the 3-day newcomer's gym pass at Healthworks to the free week of yoga at Bikram Yoga Boston. Obviously, this is a feature that almost every publication riffs on around New Year's, and before we could run the funny bit about Bikram (an experience I found to be energizing but wholly bizarre), the Improper jumped on it. So we settled on these 4 workouts, complete with photos. I have yet to get the photos which ran in the print issue -- our photog Derek shot me pummelling a speed bag at The Ring Boxing Club and wobbling to and fro in Dancer's pose at Baptiste Power Yoga -- but if I do get them I'll post them here (they're pretty funny).

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