Monday, July 28, 2008

Bostonist: "Wining & Dining" daytrips, Part 1

Here in Boston, late-summer lethargy has set in. We all want to get out of the city, and we're all fantasizing about California, where it's not raining 24-7 and where we could drive through the rolling hills of Napa, sipping on pinots and snacking on local cheese (or maybe it's just me, since my best friend Karen lives in SF and regularly does this). Unfortunately, us Bostonians (meaning me) are mostly broke, and therefore, us Bostonians (meaning me) have been drinking a lot more lately.

Hence, I was inspired to write up a piece on winery day trips in New England for Bostonist:

We’re still in a gas crisis, and despite reading pages and pages of fluttery feature copy dedicated to the “staycation," we’re still not convinced that eating at Petit Robert Bistro is as good as going to France, that strolling through the North End is akin to a trip to Italy, or that New York Pizza’s pies are as delicious as those served in their namesake city. But grapes are grapes, so stop crying about your canceled trip to Napa--we’ve got your wineries right here. In fact, there are wineries all over New England. Most are open for weekend tastings, and many even feature beaches and bucolic farmland scenery...

[Full piece here. More on "South Coast" wineries to come.]


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