Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bostonist: get on the Slow Food ARK of Taste

I plugged this event last week, then I attended it last night. Considering I'm missing the Slow Food Nation fest in SF this weekend (by choice, sort of, since I had an invitation to stay in SF with the bff, but decided an NYC getaway would be cheaper and easier), this Slow Food event came as sort of a consolation prize. The premise was to try some foods on the SF "ARK of Taste", a seed preservation project, and to learn more about why it's important to preserve these items and America's biodiversity overall. The result: I learned that I have been miserably deprived in the produce department, and that now that I'm hooked on some of the fruits and cheeses I tried, I've found that they are hard to find or prohibitive in cost. But hopefully, it won't always be this way, and hopefully, some foodies who happen upon my post will be willing to seek them out and support their growth in Mass. (And I just finished watching Obama's speech at the DNC, so I am full of hope-iness.)

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