Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bostonist: Tomato, Tomahto: Boston's Best Heirlooms

At last night's Slow Food event at the Nonprofit Center, we were privileged enough to taste several very rare fruits and vegetables, some prepared by awesome personal chefs. We also learned a great deal about heirloom products, seed-saving and cooking. I considered it $22 well spent, although the vibe in the small, over-lit room felt a little church-basement to me. It seems to me that SF Boston is still finding its feet as an organization. So I penned this Bostonist post on where to find and buy some of the rare fruits they were serving to help spread the important message they are trying to send about the importance of buying quality strains of fruits and vegetables -- not only because they taste better, but they support better farming practices and biodiversity.

I also recently purchased an iPhone (I have been wanting one for a LONG time), and this was my first opportunity to use it to support a blog post. I think the result turned out fairly well...

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