Saturday, August 16, 2008

In da club

I am officially "on staff" at Bostonist. Pretty fun. I post this link because I've had to write a few bios before for this or that, and the process is always interesting and difficult, considering I maintain equal loyalty to Utah, Buffalo and Boston as "homes" and I feel the need to explain how I got from there to here. I like this one because I felt I was able to meld these aspects of myself somewhat gracefully, when I am so rarely able to do this in real life.

Also, I am serious about the tofu at Rod Dee, the profiteroles at Eastern Standard, and the cold beer that must be imbibed before any proper brumble in the Utah desert. I can comfortably say that those three food items define me as a person.

Something else I'd like to mention: despite the fact that Bostonist does not pay for their copy, I have really enjoyed the sense of camaraderie that the staff seems to share -- and this extends to my friends who write for the 'ist in Chicago and Austin. Rob Christopher, Tom Thornton, and Josh Huck were kind enough to send me welcome notes when they found out that I had joined the club in Boston. I only hope I can live up to Tom's food coverage and build up enough chops to write an essay for Austin's Soup Peddler -- and perhaps to post as a guest commentator on Josh's soon-to-be-a-zeitgeist soup blog. (Oh no, I have not forgotten about the soup blog.)



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