Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bostonist: Chefs Collaborative dinner. Want.

Nom-inducing name-drop-a-ganza post from last weekend. I balked at paying $100 for this event (though it's worthy and seemed like a good value), but I did get some small measure of satisfaction from getting the scoop on the ridiculous menu before the attendees did:

[Jamie] Bissonnette will be breaking out some Thai-style ceviche and some of his signature charcuterie, and Kelly will be making "Honey Smoked Hiramasa with Pumpkin Seed Cracker, Pickled Local Squash, and Bloody Mary Tomato Salad with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Rain Organic Vodka Gelee, Horseradish Cream" (yum!). Gilson will be cooking up some venison, and may try to use some chocolate nibs from Taza Chocolate (the local chocolatier is a sponsor of the event). Gilson is also one of four New England chefs who have agreed to include some endangered, hard-to-find food items from Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste, so you may find some of those limited-edition goodies popping up in his dishes.

I loathe horseradish and have no desire to eat venison, but I still feel as though I missed the ball. Where was my organic local rouge vif d'temps carriage?

(Photo credit: Darwin Bell via Flikr Creative Commons)

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