Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bostonist: The Roadhouse is finally open

Kind of fun: this is the "most recommended story" on Bostonist right now. (I'd say that's like being the tallest person at a midget convention, but as a short person I hate midget jokes.) It's popularity is probably due to the fact that everyone and their mom has been waiting for this spot to open, and it's been delayed for weeks. As I noted in my review, Boston doesn't need more beer bars in any aesthetic or cultural sense, but it needs more simply to balance out the supply of craft beer spots and the demand for "good beer", which suddenly everyone and their mom thinks they need.

Don't get me wrong - I love me some Allagash White as much as the next goateed grad student (note: I neither have a goatee nor attend grad school). But I also enjoy drinking crappy Molson Canadian out of a keg while partying in a Buffalo basement, and 3 percent Utah Bud Lights at eight in the morning while reclining in a canoe. It's all about context and havin' a good time.

Anyway, many a Bostonian now fancies him or herself a "beer snob", and all these newly anointed "snobs" need somewhere properly snobbish to drink. And the Publick House has been giving the people what they want - a long-ass beer list with many unpronounceable names and a slightly sadomasochistic staff -- for a while, so the Roadhouse I'm sure will follow suit. Fortunately our bartender on opening night wasn't at all curmudgeonly (probably because he comes from a bar in Cambridge instead of the Publick House, where acting like a jerk seems to be the required schtick), and he allowed us to try several of their American beers on tap before we chose our fancy beers, Baskin-Robbins style. Good times. It's all here on Bostonist, so give it a click if you want a little more of the scoop.

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