Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bostonist: dining out for Thanksgiving

I'll be honest: I don't quite understand why so many restaurants do special menus for Thanksgiving. Is it because we as a people are becoming less connected to our families and more obsessed with fine food? Is it because restaurants are neutral ground for families who would otherwise come into conflict over the cooking of the meal? (I could see some families I know fighting over latkes vs. pasta, or turkey vs. Tofurkey.) Is it because trying to have a traditional Thanksgiving is somehow too painful (for example, after the passing of a grandmother who always cooked the meal)? Is it because there are so many busy parents who just can't come to grips with a day full of cooking, and would rather take the vacation time to relax? I'd love to know.

I don't personally know anyone who will be dining out on Thanksgiving, but I did have fun with this post (and I'll admit that I did sneak in a subversive link to this NY Times story on the unfortunate mistreatment of turkeys, which is one reason why I'm not usually tempted by the big bird on Thanksgiving, although when I ate meat it was one of my favorites).

As for me, I'm headed out on an 8-hour road trip with my friend Jenna and our respective dogs to western New York for the weekend. My mom and I will be joining my dear friend Heather, her parents, and their entire Italian clan for what is sure to be an all-out food extravaganza, complete with Heather's extremely adorable grandmother. I can't wait.


Blogger doublenegative said...

There were a couple years when we dined out for Thanksgiving, mostly in the years right after my Grandma died. She had always rolled out a huge meal all by her onesies, and I think my mom's family was too weirded out by it all to cook themselves. So yeah, people do eat out for Thanksgiving, often because they're escaping from something or coping with something.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Ryan Rose said...

That makes sense, definitely.

12:21 PM  

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