Saturday, November 22, 2008

My friends

...are full of mad style, apparently!

First, the Sartorialist-style street blog Beyond Boston Chic snapped photos of my friend Morgan outside her booth at the SoWa craft market...

...And then photographed her boyfriend Tyler (who is generally dressed like a rock star, but apparently Morgan can take credit for picking out these shorts...and yeah, they're ridiculously cute together)...

...And also my college buddy Vin.

Then, the Globe featured Morgan again in their biker style article (this math checks out, since Morgan is 200% more stylish than I am).

Then, the Weekly Dig featured our dear Alexis for both his personal style (he was apparently "Sipping a drink at a chic Newbury Street café, sporting pinstripes, rimless glasses and square-toed shoes" at the time of his interview) and his artistic style, as he put together the public music program Make Music Cambridge, inspired by those he's seen in his native France...

Then, the Globe named our friend Keyse as one of their 25 most stylish Bostonians of 2008. (Keyse's a jewelry maker and an avid Craigslist furniture hunter who loves bright colors - I'm betting it's her Brazilian blood.)

And just to prove that their photographed outfits were far from one-offs, I present to you Morgan and Alexis last night, at a Second Glass party hosted by Tyler and Morgan, at the Dig (so it all comes full circle).

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such stylish, creative, intelligent people, who are beautiful inside and out!

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Blogger Keyse said...

aw, what a nice blog! xoxox

11:16 AM  

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