Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boston Vegan Examiner column begins this week

So I stumbled across this site,, while Googling the other day, and one thing led to another, and I filed an application to become a contributor, and they called me and hired me. So here I am, writing a column as their resident "Boston Vegan Expert". This URL is my little corner of the Internets.

As luck would have it, my friend Tyler had just sent along an angry email about a piece on veganism in the Improper Bostonian, so I used that as a jumping-off place in my inaugural post. While I am not technically a vegan (I eat cheese, butter, all that good stuff), I do understand where vegans are coming from, and I find it irritating that, despite that huge amount of information on the Internet and in bookstores about veganism and its roots, reporters and even regular people continue to approach this community like Harris' Betelgeusian anthropologists. It reminds me of the way people insisted that they "didn't know enough about this Obama guy", even though he had a comprehensive Web site and two books out before he ran a campaign for the presidency that employed more information sources, from Facebook to SMS to Twitter, than any other candidate at the time. Some people don't know because they haven't been exposed yet to the facts, but some people say they don't know because they don't want to know.

The information is out there, but as I also mention in my post, so are a lot of extreme and often irritating vegans, muddying the waters with their judgmental behavior and their ALL-CAPS responses to any nuanced discussion of food, ethics, and environment. This anklebiting minority makes the rest of the vegan community (which is by and large a warm fuzzy lot, concerned with fermentation and vegan dog biscuits and global warming and the like) look like a morass of tattoed asshattery. So I strove in this post to establish a tone that is inclusive and moderate rather than exclusive and extreme.

I get paid in clicks and would love to have feedback, so if you know me and love me, please visit the site early and often, and leave me some comments.

Also, I'm required to maintain an RSS feed and link list of useful vegan resources for the column, so if you operate a blog that fits the bill, comment here and give me your info, or email me at BostonVeganExaminer [at] gmail [dot] com.


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