Monday, January 26, 2009

New food portal in development at go2 Media

I’ve been lobbying hard to create a food portal for go2 Media, the mobile media company where I have been working full-time for nearly 2 years. And recently, I got the go-ahead to cobble one together, with the help of my crack food writing team, which includes Clara Silverstein, a former editor at the Herald and author of the Boston Chef’s Table Cookbook; Virginia Miller, founder of the San Francisco-based travel site; Allison Pescosolido of, a new Los Angeles-based food blog; and Anders Wright, film editor for San Diego CityBeat and all-around crack A&E writer for go2.

The URL for the site is

The URL and the site itself may change over the course of a few months: what you see is a rough draft.

The interface is necessarily and intentionally simple, given that the portal is optimized for browsing on mobile: the fancy graphics and hi-res food porn we’ve come to expect from our favorite food Web sites would only slow down the performance of this page if you were browsing it on your Blackberry. However, I’ve often relished the limitations mobile imposes, because sometimes less really is more. (Anyone who’s ever taken three or four days just to get through the Sunday Times might agree with me.) And to me, this sure beats reading the Metro on the train. (It's a greener option, too.)

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