Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bostonist: BOND Helps Answer the Eternal Question: Where to Eat in the Financial District?

Here at Go2 Media, we work hard, but when 11:59pm rolls around, talk turns from APIs and queries and deadlines to LUNCH. Last summer, a group of us organized a monthlong "Lunch Challenge", during which we attempted to try a new restaurant every day. Luckily, the Financial District is lousy with lunch spots, and we discovered a few new favorites, like the Boston Kebab House and Trattoria Andiamo (née Boston Deli Deluxe).

Usually, we gravitate toward places that provide a great value for the money and a variety of choices to satisfy our diverse group of coworkers, from Jack, our meat-loving Puerto Rican project manager, to Richard, our vegan ex-rocker engineer from Scotland. But sometimes, we splurge.

Last week, Jessie (who normally hunkers down over a can of soup re-heated in the kitchen) joined me on a jaunt to BOND, the Langham Hotel's new space. I am a fan of the folks at the Langham - I profiled their wonderful pastry chef, Trena Costello, last summer, and they were kind enough to host one of my students at their Chocolate Bar last year for my 826 food writing workshop. (The photo for the subsequent Globe article about our workshop was taken at the Langham.) So I was excited to visit again -- if only for another taste of Trena's intricate chocolate desserts (and yes, we left with extras in a to-go box).

The meal we shared with Julie Shamrock, the hotel's communications manager, only served to underscore my already positive impression of the place. Our food was tasty, locally-sourced, and reasonably-priced (though as I note for full disclosure it was comped for us). And despite BOND's highfalutin' decor, the staff kept things casual and unpretentious - which to me is the most wonderful and forward-thinking thing about this establishment. I ended up writing about our visit on Bostonist - the full piece is here.

For friends who work in the Financial District - do you know of any other noteworthy deals or lunch spots not mentioned in this piece? I'd love to know about them!

(Photo credit: Robert Rollend, courtesy of the Langham Hotel)


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