Friday, August 14, 2009

Berkshires, ho!

I've lived in Boston for six years, and until recently, had never been to the Berkshires, just three hours away.

I made my first venture out there a few weeks ago in the company of Christine Liu, Hugo Liu (no relation), Jenna Scherer, Keyse Angelo, Carolyn McKibbin and a few other friends, old and new. Christine used her mysterious Citysearch superpowers to net us:

- a bus ride to the Berkshires via Local Motion

- a breakfast of muffins from the Channel Cafe, plus much-needed ABP coffee

- a tour of beautiful Moon in the Pond Farm (where we met a pretty adorable and VERY BIG black pig)

- a full picnic lunch at farm-to-table resto Route 7 Grill

- a tour and ice cream tasting at SoCo Creamery for dessert (we couldn't resist the Cookie Monster ice cream, made with real smushed-up fresh-baked cookies)

- a tour of Berkshire Mountain Distillers, which supplies places like NYC's Death & Company with quality homegrown spirits. (They let us play with their ingredients. It was fun.)

All this, for TEN BUCKS.

I will repeat: TEN BUCKS.

I bow to Christine's skillz.

Christine, aka Foodie Moses, leading her people to the distillery.

Now I'm headed out there once again to Lee to visit my girl Allison (a.k.a. LA food blogger Alli411) at her cabin. Am looking forward to seeing my ladyfriend -- and enjoying three hours of solo time on the way up, catching up on magazines (BoMag's new Best of Boston list just came out) and Anaïs Nin (I'm loving her journals so much), doing some journaling of my own, and looking out the window at the lush mountain scenery. And very likely eating more delicious farm-fresh food.

So many of my weekends have been taken up almost entirely by freelancing that it's almost mind-boggling to think of how little of my next 48 hours will be given over to working or even participating in planned activities. My prospective to-do list for the weekend looks something like this:

1) Put on flip-flops.
2) Pick blueberries.
3) Open the bottle of Rioja I'm bringing.
4) ?

I'm excited.

With thanks to Jenna Scherer and Darcy Hoffman for their images.


Blogger Keyse said...

what a great recap!!!

5:13 PM  
Blogger doublenegative said...

Aw man just looking at this post in December and it is making me intensely miss summer

9:42 PM  
Blogger Ryan Rose said...

Argh me too! :)

7:34 PM  

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