Monday, August 10, 2009

Citysearch: Eating the World

Now that I'm a free agent, I'm slated to do several more reviews for Citysearch, which, in addition to launching some rad new lookbooks, is also plumping up its editorial offerings on the main site. "Eating the World: A Gastro Globe Trot" is my first "roundup" for Citysearch in this new incarnation, officially speaking, but one of many that I've done for Ms. Christine Liu over the years, both recreationally and professionally (during our Weekly Dig days).

Don't ask me why, but Christine and I (and our assorted friends) just really like making lists of things, whether it's "most obnoxiously sexist journalism cliches" or "weirdest potential party themes." For example, Easter weekend this year was a doozy, as we helped to host a rabbit-themed party on Saturday -- to which our friend Matt showed up in a bunny suit at 1am -- and an egg-themed party on Sunday, which involved some truly creepy-looking tea eggs and some pretty inventive "flip"-style cocktails, courtesy of Pomodoro bartender Stephen Shellenberger.

Bottom line: we're really, really into themes. So when Christine mentioned she was looking for a roundup of "global cuisines" around Boston, I was over it like white on Turkish/Persian/Albanian/Vietnamese/Malaysian/South Indian/Brazilian/Tunisian/Ethiopian rice. You can view the results here.

(Note: the intro is all Christine, including her "smile high club" line. We're quite different, style-wise, but we make a good team. The photo of Tamarind Bay above is all her, too, from her own review of TB on Citysearch.)


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