Thursday, August 06, 2009

Introducing: Tea Party Tastes

As I mentioned in a previous post, my dear friend Jessie and her friends Hil (a local writer who's done time at Rolling Stone) and Gab (a gifted musician and up-and-coming photog) have recently launched a rad Boston lifestyle blog -- one that aims to introduce a new locally-oriented, intelligent and dare I say feminine voice (or set of voices) to Boston's media scene.

Tea Party Boston is already making a splash in Boston: it has pretty pictures, and funny interviews, and it maintains a healthy balance between all-out fangirldom (in the case of cute band members and whisky cocktails) and wry hipster cynicism.

As they put it:
"Between Gab’s eye for capturing seemingly ordinary turned extraordinary moments on film, Jessie’s contagious enthusiasm for the trends defining the sights and sounds of our city and Hil’s determination to expose the underground musical talents on and off the stages of Suffolk County, TeaParty Boston is an outfit of locals with an insatiable need to celebrate the scene in Boston and beyond, however its followers define it."
The ladies of TPB are experts in the fields of music and photography, but they felt they needed a little help with their food offerings -- and somehow I was enlisted for the job. So we're calling this joint venture Tea Party Tastes. You can read Jessie's rundown of the section here.

Of course, the girls will be contributing content as well. For example, see Jessie's recent heads-up on the upcoming September Wine Riot, which is an event near and dear to our hearts -- as you can see from this photo:

Good wine, good friends, good music: TPB is all about it.

Considering our history with the Channel Cafe, Jessie and I thought it fitting to kick off this section with a review of the cafe's new dinner menu, supported in part by its "restaurant supported-agriculture" program. Along with some really close-up pictures of its delicious cookies.

My words, Jessie's images: the makings of a nom-rific partnership.

We've since added a roundup of Boston's best banh mi joints and a photo gallery of BOND's delicious design and even more delicious cocktails. And we have big plans for the next few months as well that may or may not include homemade Oreos. (Pssst -- I'm open to ideas!)


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