Thursday, August 06, 2009

Island Creek Oyster piece in Tasting Table

I vaguely hinted at this new gig a while back, and now it's more than official. I have submitted a few articles for Tasting Table, an food industry insider newsletter with a cult following in NYC that recently launched an "Everywhere" edition. I highly recommend it for anyone who is even remotely interested in food. (Which I would hope would be everyone who, um, eats it.)

The first of my pieces for TT is one about Boston's beloved Island Creek oyster farm, which is now offering a killer deal via their brand-new online store: $100 for 100 oysters, shipped anywhere in the U.S. (Word to my landlocked people: it's time for you to have a party and order up some some bivalves and shucking gear!)

That piece is here: Fresh oysters, from the flats to your door

Kitty Amann from Toro (and LUPEC) sourced a great recipe from Jamie Bissonnette for this piece that ended up on the cutting room floor (but you can rest assured that it will pop up in another publication soon). The gorgeous photo above of an oyster farmer collecting his "harvest" also ended up being passed over -- but it deserves to be seen, don't you think?


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