Monday, August 10, 2009

Twitter migration

A few months ago, I wrote about what it was like to maintain a Twitter feed for "work" purposes. To me, this meant focusing on generating useful information and commentary around one subject (in my case, food) and using the service to reach out to other folks in the field.

I like writing about food and talking to food people, so maintaining @go2foodnews ended up being one of the most interesting parts of my job at go2. It was also a useful way of contacting sources and, at least in a small way, a useful way of directing traffic toward our site.

However, it's now time for me to step out from behind the go2 Spork of Truth and strike out on my own.

There are a dozen other useful ways for businesses to use Twitter, and I'm sure at some point I'll share some thoughts on that in this space. However, I'm probably going to use my new feed, @ryanroseweaver, as an individual, just for fun -- which is of course the most maligned and damn-near-useless purpose of Twitter. So it goes. I promise not to tweet about my breakfast too much, though. Or use it to send gushy fangirltweets to @sarah_haskins and @st_vincent every day, even though it is tempting.


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