Friday, February 20, 2009

Go2foodnews is on Twitter!

It's true. I'm on Twitter. But just for work - for now.

Busy day here, and a lot to get done before the Boston Globe Travel Show tonight, so I'll just borrow the note I wrote for our site to explain:
Even though Go2's been in the mobile scene for almost 10 years, the editorial team here has been resisting Twitter for personal use. But when we got the opportunity to start posting our new food news stories, of which we're incredibly proud, we finally began to understand what people mean when they talk about how addictive and collaborative this site can be. If you stop by our Twitter feed at, you'll find links to some of our favorite food stories, relevant updates on the intersection of the food and mobile worlds, and other news you can use. You'll also find some of our excellent writers among our followers; feel free to say hello!

Happy tweeting,
The Go2 Media Staff
So there you have it. So far, one of my favorite parts about this experience has been reading daily updates from David Gregory of Meet the Press and Ruth Reichl of Gourmet, who both seem to write their own tweets and who come off as both intelligent and human. I've also enjoyed connecting with old acquaintances like Lexy Winter, a sometime photographer for the Dig (she shot me and my dog for a dining article I wrote last summer) and now a new media intern for Public Radio Kitchen, which is hosting the food blogger meetup I'll be attending on Feb. 26. Small world.

In a way, I think the experience I've had on Twitter mirrors many networking and professional events I've attended. Rather than representing thousands of individual soapboxes (which is how some assumed it would work in the early days of the service), Twitter is more like a party, where people can discuss similar interests, share useful information, give one another encouragement or feedback, eavesdrop on interesting conversations going on nearby, and come and go as they please. And so far, that party has been pretty enjoyable -- even though the virtual experience does remain sadly devoid of cheese and cheap Champagne.


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