Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Busy week

Last week was a busy one for blogging and researching for an upcoming slew of new reviews at Citysearch Boston, where I've recently started freelancing (only because Christine, my editorial soulmate, is the editor there). I was also busy researching a piece for a new food publication (TBA when I get my first clip - I don't want to jinx anything).

This week, however, I am going to need to hunker down and focus on work for Go2 Media, as my dear colleague Jessie is on vacation, gallivanting around Guatemala, and I'm handling about 50 percent of her job (which includes the not-unpleasant work of updating our style, music and celeb news feeds) on top of my own (which includes the equally not-unpleasant work of Twittering about food and making sure the mobile hipsters of LA, NYC, Austin and the like don't miss their Pete Rock and Horrorpops shows).

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a guest update from Madame Jessie (as she is called when writing silly horoscopes for our site). She is currently rocking the beaches of Antigua. This letter is one of the reasons why I am lucky to have her as my coworker.

Hola muchachas! Guatemala is amazing and you should all drop what you are doing and fly down this minute.

On Sunday we went to Chichicastenango (which is really fun to say) and there was this ridiculous market and we bought all sorts of handicraft crap from the indigenous peoples. The little kids are at once adorable and sad because they try to sell you things like little flutes, and they are really good at making the pouty faces and saying things like "señorita señorita para que puedo comer." Ugh.

Yesterday we went to a volcano and climbed it in really inappropriate shoes and clothing and toasted marshmallows and bread near the lava. Shit is HOT, if you were wondering. The little niños tried to sell us walking sticks, saying "¡es necesario!" but we thought they were full of it. Turns out, walkng sticks would have been helpful. I just didn´t like how they suggested that it was necessary to buy a stick to hit the dogs with. There are stray dogs EVERYwhere. They are really skinny and it´s sad. They seem happy enough though, and they must be doing ok if they could, like, run up the side of the volcano-- which wasn´t exactly an easy hike. We fed them a lot of volcano toast.

Today we might rent bikes. Or we might take salsa lessons. Or we might go to the massive market and buy tons of wacky fruit. Or something.

Tomorrow we are busting out of our sweet hotel here in Antigua (we are like BFFEs with the recepcionista, she´s totes adorbs) and heading to the beach. Woot woot. I gotta work on getting rid of this rad tank top tan.

Hope all is going well for you ladies!

Un beso,


Envy-and-awe-inducing photo of Antigua by Michael R. Swigart via Creative Commons license.